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"3 Songs for dreams of light"

"Lthuania.The twilight of the Gods/

Ritual of White Night"

Director : Shusei Nishi

Production year: 1997~99(Theatrical release: 2002/01)

Genre: fiction, drama (omnibus), 

Total duration: 71min*.

Bonus: Photo gallery, trailer of "KISMET"(02)

*20min.,13min plus 38min.

Cast: Yana Yesipovich("V Kruge Pervom","Ostrov" ), Rostislav Bershauer("Vsadnik po imeni Smert", "Svolichi"), Nina Bolshukhina, Yuri Sokolov, Arsen Amspuryants

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Director : Shusei Nishi

Production year: 2002~07

Genre : documentary (short, 2 films in 1 disc)

Total duration: 51min

* 31min. plus 20 min.

Cast: Daliya Doksaite(SUMIE painter),Kazimieras Mizgirs(photograph, director of amber museum in Vilnius and Nida), Moon Far Away

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Region: All

TV format: NTSC,

Sound:  Dolby digital (mono)

Screen size:  4:3

Language: Russian

Subtitles:  English and Japanese 

catalogue number:  ATS-0001


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Region: 2

TV format: NTSC*(transcoded from PAL DV )

Sound: Dolby digital ( 2ch stereo)

Screen size:  4:3

Language: Russian Subtitles: Japanese 

catalogue number: ATS-0004


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See a theatrical trailer of this film on FC2 VIDEO

Adult:光にむかう3つの夢想曲(予告編) see excerpts on YouTube


KISMET final edition(2002,75min.)

music documentary film

With ;Caprce(Moscow), EXIAS-J(Tokyo),Moon Far Away(Arkhangelsk),Jack Or Jive(Himeji)

In this film sounds the following musical works, most of which is live concert recordings. 

1. Vanity of vanities(Shin-Ichiro Kanda) / 2. Blues(Caprice) / 3. Amroth and Nimrodel(Caprice) / 4. To My Sister(Caprice) /5. 4 poems of Daniil Andreev(Caprice) 
6. Roses in the mists(EXIAS-J )/ 7. Fabric of a dream(EXIAS-J) / 8. Prayer in the dark(EXIAS-J) / 9. ICI-HAUT/HEVELIUS(MFA) / 10. HYMN(MFA) 
11. SCHLAFLIED(MFA) / 12. DEZEMBER DER ZEITEN(MFA) / 13. Nostalgia(JackOrJive)  /14. Tears of blood(JackOrJive) / 15. Nothing will die(Caprice) 


Recommended for lovers of such excellent albums as "Elvenmusic"(Caprice), "SATOR"(MFA), "KENKA"(JOJ),"Angels in twlight"(EXIAS-J and Caprice). 

You can hear also interviews of these groups' leaders and members, including Anton Brejestovski(Caprice), Hideaki Kondo(EXIAS-J), Count Ash(MFA) and Chako(JOJ). 

Region: All

TV format NTSC

Sound: LinearPCM

Screen size:  4:3

Language: Japanese,English and Russian

Subtitles: Japanese, English and Russian 


Shipment and handling:7USD


See trailers on FC2VIDEO動画:『KISMET』予告編動画:『KISMET』トレイラー②


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Angels in twilight  


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