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feature fiction films

"3 songs for dreams of light"(35mm, 71min., 2001, Japanese )
producer & director: Shusei NISHI
short description : Omnibus film made of tree short fictions, which were shot in Russia by the author 
theatrical release : January 2002 in Tokyo, May-June 2002 in Osaka, September 2002 in Kobe 
notes: official website  (Japanese only), Two of the tree shorts ("Angel with a trumpet" and "The Last Sunset") participated in film festivals in Montecatini, Milano and Fukui. There are prints with English subtitles  of these films.

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feature documentary films 

NIPPON SUICIDE PACT( Digital Beta Cam, 87min., 2001,Japanese)
producer & director: Nobuyuki OURA
short description: Experimental documentary film about a critic Ichiro Hariu, who made a round trip between South Korea and Japan, as a director of the special exhibition "the Art and Human Rights" in Kwangju Biennale 2000. The critic's recollection and imagination and his thought on the historical  process of Japanese  modern society are illustrated by unique montage of unexpected shots and episodes. 
theatrical release : June 2002 in Tokyo, November 2002 in Tokyo and in Osaka 
notes: Official screening in Yamagata International Film Festival 2001 

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KISMET(DV-PAL&16mm, 75min., 2002, color, English, Russian, Japanese, subtitled in English or Russian*(DV only)
producer & director: Shusei NISHI
short description: Film about 4 unique musical groups in Russia and in Japan: "Caprice" (Moscow), "EXIAS-J" (Tokyo), "Moon Far Away"(Arkhangelsk) and  "JACK OR JIVE"(Himeji)  
notes: 16mm print is subtitled in English. Russian version was broadcasted on Russian television "TV Tsentr Arkhangelsk" in December 2002. 

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