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  Alt-arts  is an organization of creators, mainly cinematographers, who take works of Art not only as  materialized "aesthetic" views of each authors, but also something given to human being from that higher world, which is the origin of not only "Beauty", but also "Truth" and "Goodness". This traditional notion of Art has often been forgotten in the last decades, by the vulgarization of it from the side of mass medias on the one hand,  and by the renewed  aestheticism named "post modernism", on the other.

 Now we must remember the essence of Art, its origin and function in human's life.

 Cinema is such an apparatus, that can represent the image of human's life more truthfully than any other medium of arts, if it catches that moments, when man is related to the higher reality, while physically staying in this world.  

 The word --- "Alt" has  two connotations in this context. One --"alternative". Another--"old", as it means in Germany. We don't seek "experiments" in cinema or in other arts, but represent our works as "alternatives" for spectators, who aren't satisfied with big-budget entertainments or too childish independent films. Cinema can be much more truthful than many people think.

 Works of Art always have difficulties to reach the people who need them, because between them always exist barriers, such as prejudices to yet unknown authors or unknown works, commercialism, aesthetic, political or religious biases of critics and so on...

 We opened this site as the space free from such barriers, to offer its visitors information of our original productions and in some cases, to distribute our works.